Music Medicine

songs to return within

Music is my greatest love & motivator.
Music has given me hope, comfort & reason when nothing else could.

I make music because of its healing powers, and its universal language.
It is one of the most effective ways of communication, one of the purest forms of expression & the most delightful motivation to come together.

I hope my music brings you as much joy as it does to me.

“Music is a most powerful form of spiritual expression; it is also the medium most likely to bring humans together.”
– King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Sing with Me!

express yourself

It is my greatest passion to bring people together through music, and to create spaces where we can express freely & authentically – dance, sing, shout, cry, whatever wants to come through! It doesn’t matter if singing is your passion already, or if you have never sung before but want to try, or even just stay still and listen. Everyone is welcome, as long as you come with an open heart & mind.

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kind words ♥

[…] Then, I was introduced to the magical musician and medicine woman Purnama. I attended one of her Women’s Singing Circles and realized how much I need this. I need songs, I need community, I need to share my voice and hear others sing. Purnama’s voice activation sessions are a whole ceremony, they include meditation, singing bowls, handpan, guitar, drum, shakers etc. which made me realize that my singing practice can be done in so many different ways and also be done as a ritual. All of this allowed me to feel more confident in pursuing my passions. I got myself a guitar, started singing home with my kids, on my bike, in a shower or the garden. I wasn’t holding it to myself anymore.

Anna Spektor

Mother & Singer

Purnama – wow, be aware that her songs and the way she delivers her gifts might be very addictive. Quite often I catch myself going on the streets and singing your songs! I really appreciate you as a person and express through these words gratitude for your creations. Thank you 🙂

Miro Komarek

original acoustics

written from the heart


I adore collaborating with other people & have had the honor of working together with some of my favorite musicians in the past, such as The Hanuman Project, Kailash Kokopelli, Ras MuhamadAbink, NRYN, and many more. Together we are stronger & it’s also a whole lot more fun!

My Music Story

Growing up, I never considered to become a musician,
altough music has always been a huge part of my life. To think that I would someday perform on stages was something far beyond my grasp …

In my youth I didn’t know anyone who took music seriously, besides my music teachers who seemed to be bitter about the outcome of their career. I took piano lessons at age 10, but the dry & classical approach made me lose my enthusiasm quite quickly.
The society I grew up in demanded perfection of their musicians. It was especially shown in the early casting shows which were extremely popular in my teens. Candidates who “couldn’t sing” were bullied & laughed at – looking back, I realise how negatively it impacted my view of singing publicly. For all those reasons I concluded that being a musician is near impossible, and gradually I lost faith in my voice.

In April 2017, as I was contemplating my next steps in Peru’s capital Lima, a sudden realization hit me like a lightning: I am to become a musician & perform on stage.The funniest thing is that at that time, I wasn’t able to play a single instrument and didn’t dare to sing in front of other people. Still, I was 100% sure this would be my path. I was determined to reach this new goal, no matter the time & hustle it would take me.

And from there, things kind of fell into place. During my travels to South America and Morocco I met various kinds of people, from hobby musicians to buskers to instrument builders, who taught me valuable lessons and encouraged me to explore my voice & my musicality. But even though my joy and my musical skills started to grow, I still would have never dared to call myself a musician.

This changed when I moved back to my hometown in Bali near Ubud, after decades of living abroad with rare visits. Little did I know until then that Ubud is not only notorious for their open mic nights, but also for the kirtans and ecstatic dance. As I started to immerse myself into the local music scene – first in the audience, but soon enough as a singer – my confidence & my abilities grew as well.

Things have changed in the blink of an eye and sometimes I still can’t believe that I am now a full time musician. But altough I know that I have come far since that sunny day in Lima, I know that this is yet the beginning.

Thank you for being curious about my journey, and for being a part of it!

Blogposts on Music

“Art never stopped a war & never got anybody a job. That was never its function. Art cannot change events. But it can change people. It can affect people so that they are changed … because people are enriched, ennobled, encouraged, they then can act in a way that may affect the course of events. By the way they vote, by the way they behave, by the way they think.”
– Unknown