When I heard about the devastating wildfires that are occurring in the Amazon rainforest for more than 3 weeks already, I couldn’t sit still anymore. The public must be informed about this, I thought.

The rainforest is very dear to me, as I have spent two life-changing months in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. This place is a true treasure for this world, one that must be preserved for generations to come.

What you can do now

Some small steps that can already have a ripple effect throughout the globe.

• Eat less meat, especially beef. Check the package where your meat is coming from. If it’s coming from Brazil, better not to buy it.
• Consume local, organic & sustainable. Support small or medium-sized enterprises in your own region.
• Reduce your carbon footprint. Plant more trees, take the bike instead of the car or use public transport.
• Stop or call-out on cocaine consumption. Super important, as large patches of the Amazon are burnt down in order to farm cocaine on a large scale.
• Spread awareness. Let people know that the Amazon is diminishing, and it needs our help.


NGO’s you can support

• AMAZON FRONTLINE. To sign the petitions.
• RAINFOREST ALLIANCE. To get informed.

And start using Ecosia.org instead of Google! The platform is super transparent with their income sheets, and promises to plant trees where they are needed the most for the earned profits.

Thank you for sharing the video if you think this is helpful for more people to see!



Original clips used in this video:

Amazon Rainforest Wildfires
Bolsonaro Forces Burn Indigenous Reservations, Homes and Rainforest
Slash & Burn: How Amazonian farmers manage fire: Part 1
Brazilian’s Indigenous Women Protesting Against Bolsonaro


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