the mission

planting the seeds of freedom

We all have our own unique power.
The power to love. The power to inspire. The power to change.

Once we become aware of this power, we realize that it is in our hands to create a reality that we desire.
A world of harmony, abundance & peace.

Seeds of Freedom is a platform that is all about sharing love, inspiration & motivation. Read about people & stories that will uplift you or raise your awareness, so that we can create a better & prosperous world together.

This is a collection of art, music, culture & connection, all the things that fill this human experience with beauty & joy.

I hope that your visit here will enrich your life in some way, and leave you empowered.
And remember, that you are never alone.

We are the seeds of freedom.
Let us spread & become the forests of change.

“The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word ’struggle’ from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

– Hopi Elders’ Prophecy

the inspiration

Seeds Of Freedom is inspired by Manu Chao.

Growing up, I often felt like I didn’t belong. I was either the only white kid in my neighbourhood, or the only Asian child at school.

When I discovered Manu Chao’s album Clandestino at age 10 in the school’s library, it felt like opening a treasure chest. Back then, I didn’t understand anything, he was singing about, but it felt like home.

His music had all the feels – joy, melancholy, authenticity, rebellion. It was profoundly different then the rest of the music I used to hear on the radio or elsewhere at that time. And it started to plant little seeds in me, that grew into sturdy plants throughout my lifetime. Manu Chao’s music was always there, accompanying me through the different phases of my life, as I started to understand the deeper meaning of the lyrics.

The name Seeds of Freedom is to honour Manu Chao’s legacy, his music & his stories.
Thank you Manu, for your inspiration, your movement, and for being the free spirit you are, that allowed my free spirit to be seen & heard.

“The planet does not need more successful people.  The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.”
– The Dalai Lama

our time is now

let us spread the seeds

The world needs us, now more than ever.
The world needs our medicine.

Greed & ignorance have caused division among mankind, breeding hatred, fear & arrogance. Many of us are hustling to try to make a living, some are losing faith in love, while we are watching our precious planet, our home, being exploited.

This suffering is unnecessary. Together, we can bring a change. Together, we can create heaven on earth.

Because we are all connected. What the individual does, the collective will follow. What someone on one side of the earth speaks, creates a ripple effect to the other side of the world.

Speak your truth. Step into your power. Get ready.

Our time is now. Let us rise.

“I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my own Consciousness, overturning the conditioning that limits my potential. We can all do this, one by one. Over time we can change ourselves to the degree that society changes from the inside out. Giving brith to a new way of being. Manifesting our birthright of living in a peaceful & abundant world. Have no fear. Trust yourself. Live your full potential.”
– Unknown