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Gratitude for these beautiful souls

I couldn’t be where I am & be doing this work without the help of many important people to have supported me on this journey.
I am endlessly thankful to you. Here is to you.

My family. To my mother & father, my grandparents, my amazing little sister, my aunts, uncles & cousins, for all their continuous support. My love for you is impossible to put into words.
Believe Hibben for being the bigger sister I never had & your endless generosity.
Sarah Wiles for being an inspiration in fighting for the same causes like I do, and co-creating Ruang Berbagi with me.
Adam Alydrus & Rizal Abdulhadi. My producers, for helping me to bring my music out into the world.
Daniela Garza Rios for the gift of lifechanging experience of her trainings.
Colleen Schell for believing in my art, supporting my cause & being a radiant light.
Wayan Gunada & Shawn Dexter for helping me with my website whenever I couldn’t go on on my own.

Wari Om, Spela Urbanc, Richard CR Neverland, Daniel Sun, Diego Muñozand Julia Arnau for their amazing photography which I have used on this website.

An immense shoutout of gratitude to Nhi Nhi Le, Eva Jahnen, Jasmin Aziz, Laurène Loubere and Moenja Schiven for your donations to keep me rolling 💚

I am also immensely grateful for the island of Bali & the local community for being my permanent home and source of creativity.

And of course thank you, dear reader, for coming by my website & being curious on what I have to offer. 💚


“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
― Meister Eckhart