Photo- & Videography

capturing moments for eternity

Nothing is forever. Moments come and pass. That is the law. Don’t hold on to anything, as all is subject to change.

My main motivation behind taking photographs & recording videos is to capture moments for eternity. Memories alter and fade, but pictures can tell stories to future generations. They are witnesses of time.

my artist story

Visual arts were my first love. A love that was passed down to me by my father, a passionate storyteller & hobby photographer, who would gift me stacks of magazines filled with colourful pictures of faraway lands, wildlife or even galaxies. As a child, I spent hours playing around with his camera, watching documentaries & flicking through picture books.

I dreamt of becoming an artist. But when as a teen I had to choose my future career path, I completely forgot about being an artist, because there were so many voices around & within me talking me out of it. The world around me was so heavily focused on money, security & financial stability that I incorporated those beliefs as well. Additionally, I totally lacked the self-confidence into my own artistic abilities, and so I decided to go down what appeared to be the safest and easiest path.

As a young adult, I dropped out of business school & survived working as a bartender. Over and over I realized that I was killing my inspiration & my vitality slowly but surely. But my other options seemed to be limited. I tried getting into more creative & exciting jobs, but the competition was hard for someone like me without an artistic background. I considered applying for art school, but the overall time, costs & efforts were too much for me to bear. There was seemingly no space for me to fit into the small circle of artists.

While on my travels, I came back to my love of photography. I documented everything around me and started sharing my pictures on social media. The feedback that I have received was overwhelming. I received the approval I was thirsting for without even knowing that I had been drying out for so long.

And from there, everything started to unfold on its own. What started as a hobby has become a career, and my dream of being an artist has fulfilled itself just like that. God knows all the hardships I went through and the faith I needed to have in my work. But I am here now, and my art is appreciated. And that’s all I need to be happy.

“Art never stopped a war and never got anybody a job. That was never its function. Art cannot change events. But it can change people. It can affect people so that they are changed … because people are enriched, ennobled, encouraged, they then can act in a way that may affect the course of events … by the way they vote, by the way they behave, by the way they think.”

– Unknown