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how blessed we are. how free. how beautiful is life for those who can see.

Om Swastiastu. My name is Purnama, welcome to my world. Here I share stories, music & all that inspires me.
The world is transforming, and we decide into which direction we are heading.
Let us plant seeds that grow into forests of freedom.

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healing through sounds & vibrations that bring us back home

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budaya bali

building cultural bridges and sharing timeless indigenous & vedic philosophy

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Earth Day Cacao & Fire Ceremony

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience of ceremony, ritual, offerings and celebration. We’ll be supported by Cacao Medicina weaving our hearts, medicine music uniting our voices & intentions, and giving Andean and Balinese inspired offerings to the Sacred Fire.

with Juan Manuel
Monday, 22nd of April

at Alchemy Uluwatu

Puente Pelangi

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Puente Pelangi signifies the rainbow bridge between worlds, where the wisdom of various ancient cultures come together as one, inspired by the lineages of earth and wisdom keepers that speak to our hearts & soul.  Come and join us for a unique evening of medicine music, ceremony and celebration under the Full Moon!

with Juan Manuel
Wednesday, 24th of April

at Alchemy Ubud

Events in Switzerland

to the mountains

Express Yourself!

Voice Activation & Songwriting Immersion

This immersion is designed for those eager to improve their musicality, strengthen their voice, unlock creative expression and tell stories through their own song! Join for 1 day or the whole weekend.

13. – 14. July 2024
Soul City Zurich

Bloom Moon

Conscious Women* Festival

Das Bloom Moon Frauen*Festival: Ein Raum für Verbindung, Authentizität und das gemeinsame Erblühen der weiblichen Magie.

I will be offering a Voice Liberation workshop.

13. – 16. June 2024
Klingenmuehle TG

Rise Up Gathering

Community Festival

“Das Rise Up Gathering lädt dich ein, 4 Tage lang das Leben in all seinen Formen zu feiern und dich mittels kraftvollen Bewegungstechniken und transformierenden Übungspraktiken wie Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork, Conscious Connection, Kakao und Feuer-Zeremonie und vielem mehr zu inspirieren.”

My partner Juan and I are facilitating an Ayni and Medicine Music workshop, as well as singing in the community concert.

20. – 23. June 2024
Schloss Glarisegg am Bodensee (CH)

citizen of the world. child of mother earth.

singer-songwriter • visual artist • wisdom keeper • ceremonialist

Born as Purnama Melissa, I am blessed to have grown up between the majestic mountains of Switzerland & the enchanting jungles of Bali. 

Music, art and community are the things to have most helped me to navigate the many trials & challenges of life. In the same way, I wish for my creations to uplift & support those around me too. Aspiring to shift the focus on the beauty & abundance that surrounds us in every moment, and how our our shared humanity, our intertwined emotions, bind us as one.

My passion resides in uniting people through the universal language of music. This fuels my drive to create sacred spaces that encourage & nurture authentic expression. I am also dedicated to preserve indigenous wisdom for the generations to come.

Voice Activation Workshop at Rise Up Gathering 2023

In the heart of 2023 I had the privilege of conducting a voice activation workshop at the Rise Up Gathering, organised by...

How “Three Little Birds” transformed my musicality

Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" is one of my favorite songs to share in song circles. No matter from which country or...

On the Discomforts of Growth

Oh the discomfortthat growth brings Cycles of death & rebirthDiving into the unknown How much safer it felt to play...

Full Moon Tea Ceremony in Barcelona

We welcome you to join us for a special gathering at the beach under the full moon 🌕 Together we will enjoy freshly brewed...

The Art of Letting Go – When You Have to Say Goodbye

On this day 10 years ago, I've lost the most important person in my life. My father was my first love, my hero, my idol....

On Setting Boundaries

I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to learn to say "no". Being able to set boundaries & communicate...

My Mother, My Goddess

I love my mom. How could I not? She literally gave me life, through growing me in her womb before birthing &...

Childlike Joy: SUSANNE

Susanne, or Susi, how I love to call her, is a special soul. Life with her feels so much lighter. So light, I hope that...

World Silent Day 2020

For a long time, it has been a dream of mine to introduce the Balinese New Year called "Nyepi" - Silent Day - to the world....

Our Lungs Are On Fire

When I heard about the devastating wildfires that are occurring in the Amazon rainforest for more than 3 weeks already, I...


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